July 2-3 Bargaining Report

Your UPTE bargaining team met with the University of California team July 2nd and 3rd to work on the RX and TX contracts. During this session, we were able to make tentative agreements, keep your healthcare affordable through the life of this contract and we were able to agree to close many of the articles open to bargaining, with no changes to previous language. While we continue to make progress, UC did not come prepared with a comprehensive counter-offer. Both sides have the common goal of a good and fair contract that will result in greater job security with livable wages in California for UC employees. We know that we are close to an agreement as long as the University arrives more prepared and ready to work with your UPTE bargaining team.

We are meeting today and tomorrow to work on the HX contract and hope to make similar progress and close articles, similar to the work done for RX and TX.   The next bargaining dates for RX/TX will be July 24-25 at UC Davis/Sacramento.

Stay strong. Stay vigilant. And remember…


Your UPTE Bargaining team