Making a Difference This November

Do you want to make a difference in the most critical election of our time?  Want to ensure that the next presidential administration takes the Covid-19 pandemic seriously and makes it clear that they will be held accountable to workers? What about taxing the wealthiest California corporations so that our schools and communities have the resources they truly need? Or controlling Sacramento rents so that employees of UC Davis can afford to live in the community where they work?

With November 3rd fast approaching, there are three distinct election volunteer opportunities for UPTE members who want to make a difference.

We are partnering with our national union, Communications Workers of America, and with DSA’s Labor for Prop 15 efforts here in California, for virtual phone banks to call and text our fellow union members in advance of this crucial vote. If you have never done this before, we will provide a quick training to get you comfortable and up to speed.  Join us for one event to see how easy it is to make a change and then register for additional dates, based on your availability.  In the end it all adds up and helps make a real change in our country.

Join us in Nevada with CWA!

While the Biden/Harris campaign may cruise to victory in California, once you cross the state border into Nevada that certainty starts to fade away.  Yet Nevada is a key swing state that will help determine the future of this country.  No single election resolves all our issues but there are real concrete changes that a change in administration can provide for workers in the midst of an economic downturn. 

Join us in California with DSA’s Labor for Prop 15 coalition

Here in California, Proposition 15 – Schools and Communities First – would close a tax loophole that allows commercial property owners to pocket tens of billions of dollars every year that should be going into our local schools, community services, and infrastructure.

Join the Yes on Measure C Campaign for Real Rent Control!

UPTE Local 6 (UC Davis) is proud to endorse Measure C. If you ready to help make Sacramento more affordable for members like you, we will connect you directly with their campaign. 

Click this link to sign up for one of these three volunteer opportunities and we will reach out to you with more information.  Don’t just hope for the best: take a strong step in building a better future.