Our First Bargaining Meeting with UC over the System Administrators’ Accretion

Our First Bargaining Meeting with UC over the System Administrators’ Accretion

Thank you so much for participating in our first bargaining session!  

More than 100 systems administrators logged on to show their support during the meeting. We all made that happen!

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) was unprepared for our level of participation.

UCOP representatives argued that bargaining should be closed, so they asked for “Ground Rule” proposals. Ground rules are normally discussed during the first meeting, but UCOP negotiators decided not to engage in talks and walked away from the table.

UPTE has always had public meetings and negotiations. Our last contract sessions even included press attendance. We have no intention of reducing our transparency; we welcome accountability.

Our turnout of more than 100 systems administrators shows we have strong support. We hope it will make UC more amenable to favorable negotiations.

We received feedback (both constructive and critical) from the systems administrators who attended the meeting. We appreciate it and will use it to improve.

Thank you again for your support. While we wait for future negotiations, be sure to sign our petition for a fair contract.


In solidarity,

Your SysAd Bargaining Team:

Erich Wise, RX/TX Coordinator, Chief bargainer
Alex Warren, SysAd 3, UC Berkeley (local 1)
Ernie Ibarra, SysAd 3 GF, UC Los Angeles (local 2)
Ken Garges, SysAd 3, UC Santa Cruz (local 3)
Marc Miller, SysAd 2, UC Santa Barbara (local 4)
Luis Baquera, SysAd 3, UC Riverside (local 5)
Mike McCue, SysAd 3, UC Davis (local 6)
Josh Quinn, SysAd 2, UC San Francisco (local 7)
Tom Godfrey, SysAd 2, UC Irvine (local 8)
Danny Kovacs, SysAd 3, UC San Diego (local 9)