Outsourcing is UC’s plan to break our power!

UC executives have spent 2 years saying ‘no’ to UPTE’s proposals for fair wages, benefits, and job security. Meanwhile, they have moved forward with outsourcing more our work in order to increase the number of workers who won’t be covered by union contracts at all.

UC executives know that if they can reduce the number of union workers it will be that much easier for them to run UC in their own interests rather than that of patients, students, and the people of California.

In the last few months alone we have received news of the following:

We are working to obtain more details about this outsourcing and other plans that UC is developing but they have not provided information in a timely fashion – nor have the agreed to our demands to meet and bargain the effects of this outsourcing on our workers.

Their failure to bargain these effects is not only illegal – it shows incredible disregard for the work of thousands of dedicated UC staff who make UC among the greatest hospital and university systems in the world.

We need to be prepared to both stand up to UC’s ongoing violation of our rights but also to win improved protections against outsourcing in our contract fight in order to prevent outsourcing from continuing to undermine our fight to provide the best education, healthcare, and research to the people of California.

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