Pay Raises are Coming!

UC has a deadline of implementing the across the board increases (5% for HX, 3% for RX and TX) is the pay period of October 1st (monthly) or October 6 (biweekly). The deadline is the same for step increases for HX employees, including moving UCLA experience based titles to the correct step.

What’s that mean? It will be in your November 1 or October 30 paycheck at the latest. 

Different campuses have been implementing on different schedules. Some have gotten the across the board on the books for everyone. Some have added to some titles but not others yet. Some have put in the step, others have not. 

There will be retroactive pay back to the first full pay period on or after July 1, regardless of when and in what order it was implemented. 

If you haven’t received the increase in your paycheck by November 1, contact payroll at your campus.

Lump sum in lieu of a step increases for topped out HX employees starts with the step on January 1, 2020 as per the agreement. 

The cap on dues will increase in November, per the UPTE constitution, in our goal to reach equitable contributions among all represented members. Dues rate remains the same at 1.3% of pay and the cap on maximum contributions will increase to $85/month for RX and TX ($75/month for members at LBNL) and $90/month for Hx. This will be reflected in paychecks issued on November 27 for all represented employees.

We have asked UC to begin collecting dues for BTSAs at the same time. Dues are currently $85 or 1.3% of your monthly salary, whichever is lower. The $85 cap will be raised by $10 with each subsequent raise, meaning that most BTSAs will simply pay 1.3% of monthly salary by the end of the contract.

To put this in perspective, the overall raises in the contract will be at least 22%, plus two steps for those eligible. This means that after dues you will see at least a 20.7% raise by July 2024.

*BTSAs at Santa Barbara and UC Irvine Campus (not UCI Medical Center) already received the non-represented merit raises for FY18 on July 1, which means they are not eligible for the 3% raise on ratification.