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UPTE On Strike! Thursday, May 16, 2019!

What? 1-Day Strike!

When? All shifts that begin between midnight (12am) and 11:59pm on May 16th.

Why? In response to UC’s moves to secretly outsource our work while we are out of contract, which is illegal. If we don’t stand up to this Unfair Labor Practice, it will only embolden them to continue.

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What is an Unfair Labor Practice? State law requires public employers like UC to bargain in good faith and respect the union rights of its employees.  When UC violates those laws, for example, by refusing to bargain with workers, it commits an unfair labor practice, and we have to send a message that we won’t let UC get away with it.

Is striking legally protected? YES! Your right to strike is protected by California state law under both the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) and decisions by the California Supreme Court. The law prohibits UC from retaliating against workers for participating in the strike in any way. Per diem, probationary, and student workers also have the right to strike.

While UC may try to prevent UPTE workers from striking by going to court and claiming that the strike is illegal, the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has rejected these arguments repeatedly. A limited group of HX workers may be required to work during the strike – and will be notified directly by UPTE- but the overwhelming majority of UPTE members have an unquestionable right to strike.

What do I do if my supervisor asks me if I’m striking? You have the legal right not to answer, and one response is to say “I’m thinking about it. I’ll talk to my union representative.” Your supervisor is legally prohibited from encouraging you not to strike or threatening any repercussions, including probationary and per-diem workers.

Do I have to notify my manager that I’m not coming to work? NO! UPTE will send a legal notice to UC that informs the university that UPTE will be striking. You should Where do I go the days of the strike? You should report to the picket line at or before 7am. Contact your UPTE Leadership Development Coordinator or Organizing Committee member to sign up for a picket shift.  Make sure to sign in and out at the picket line once you’re there.

Do I get paid while on strike? No, although UPTE provides $60 strike assistance for members who spend 5 hours on the picket line. You will need to sign in and out to receive the strike assistance.

Can I use vacation or sick time? NO! Management will deny new vacation requests during the strike. If you already have vacation approved, however, they cannot cancel it. You could face repercussions for using sick time in order to strike.

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