Retirees’ Association

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We may be retired, but our activism as UPTE-CWA members doesn’t have to end. Many of the benefits that we enjoy today as UC retirees are not totally secure. By working collectively in the UPTE Retirees’ Association and the CWA Retired Members Council, we are organizing to defend our benefits and pensions, and electing local, state and federal candidates who will do the same. Through these organizations, we work to:

  • Monitor pension and health care policies
  • Track state and national legislation affecting retirees
  • Work on behalf of federal, state, and local candidates for elected office who support our interests
  • Represent retired members’ concerns and issues in bargaining with UC

Benefits you’ll receive after joining UPTE’s and CWA’s retirees’ organizations include:

  • Staying connected through the CWA News (via post) and our weekly CWA Newsletter (via email).
  • The opportunity to be involved in matters that directly affect retirees.
  • The opportunity to join forces with active CWA members in support of our union’s goals, whether on a picket line, a phone bank, or through other demonstrations of support
    participation in the money saving CWA Union Privilege program of popular services and discounts.
  • A 15% savings on mobile phone service through the CWA-represented AT&T Wireless.

Join now, get involved! UPTE‐CWA offers two membership levels for UC retirees.

(1) Full UPTE retiree member: $15/month 
Having FULL membership status gives you the ability to run for office, vote in elections, and support the overall activities of UPTE.

(2) Associate UPTE retiree member: $15/year 
Being an associate member of the UPTE‐CWA Retirees’ Association gives you access to information relevant to retirees.

Retirees’ Association Council:

Lisa Kermish
Vice President:
Bette Larlee
Recording Secretary:
Paul Brooks
Wendi Felson
Members at large:
Cliff Fried
Sonia Moscardon
David Sookne
Systemwide Executive Board Representative:
Lisa Kermish