SAs Plan to Turn Up Pressure on UC at Negotiations

SAs Plan to Turn Up Pressure on UC at Negotiations

At our Bargaining Session on March 9th, UC didn’t even have the respect to give us a plausible justification for offering pay scales lower than many Systems Administrators are paid, and in many cases lower than advertised rates for open positions.

Here’s what you can do to support our plan to turn up the pressure on UC and replicate the success other job titles have had in wringing just compensation out of UC negotiators:

1) Sign the SA Demand Letter:

2) Join your Bargaining Team to phone bank other SAs every Monday at Noon:

3) Register to join your SA Bargaining Team for a Zoom Statewide Meeting at Noon; Tuesday March 22 to discuss the path to victory, including a statewide and UPTE wide call-in day to flood Chancellor Drake with calls / messages demanding a swift and just conclusion to SA Bargaining.–uqDktHN3HBEt44WVhtqQYCB2EB6hh%C2%A0%C2%A0

4) Join UPTE to show UC we are united:

UPTE SA Bargaining Team

Erich Wise, RX/TX Coordinator, Chief bargainer
Alex Warren, SysAd 3, UC Berkeley (local 1)
Ernie Ibarra, SysAd 3 GF, UC Los Angeles (local 2)
Ken Garges, SysAd 3, UC Santa Cruz (local 3)
Marc Miller, SysAd 2, UC Santa Barbara (local 4)
Luis Baquera, SysAd 3, UC Riverside (local 5)
Mike McCue, SysAd 3, UC Davis (local 6)
Josh Quinn, SysAd 2, UC San Francisco (local 7)
Tom Godfrey, SysAd 2, UC Irvine (local 8)
Danny Kovacs, SysAd 3, UC San Diego (local 9)