Solidarity Wins! UC Blinks on 401k with AFSCME

Last Friday, UC negotiators met with AFSCME 3299 and for the first time made an offer that took their ‘Retirement Choice’ – both the 401k-style opt out and 5 years of retirement cuts – off the table!

UC is still proposing a cap on pension benefits for AFSCME workers, something that was not part of their deal with CNA-represented nurses.

They are also refusing to provide steps for most workers and continue to insist on contracting out represented work.

Our solidarity with AFSCME in May and October on the strike line helped create this movement, removing one roadblock to a fair contract for AFSCME and showing that we can all win what we deserve if we continue fighting.

Healthcare Professionals (HX) Negotiations on June 6th

UC can’t continue to insist that UPTE accept the ‘Retirement Choice’ at our upcoming Healthcare Professionals (HX) negotiations on June 6th.

Standing strong and not accepting previous bad offers has put pressure on UC to make real movement in HX bargaining. After two long years of negotiations, UPTE is more than ready to bring a fair deal to a vote – but are just as prepared to strike for a better one if UC continues to make excuses.

Research (RX) and Technical (TX) Professionals negotiations on June 17th and 18th

UC will have an even harder time insisting on the ‘Retirement Choice’ with Research (RX) and Technical (TX) Professionals on June 17th and 18th if they remove it from the table at HX negotiations on the 6th. Like HX, RX and TX have stood strong against UC’s insulting offers and are ready to ratify a fair contract.

RX and TX negotiations have taken so long because UC has committed multiple unfair labor practices that have made reaching an agreement difficult. Just last month, UC announced that they were imposing their terms on RX/TX members, an illegal action because of UC’s bad faith bargaining both before and during negotiations.

We need to be prepared to stand up to UC’s ongoing unfair labor practices – up to and including striking – to ensure UC negotiates a RX/TX contract in good faith.

What now?

Share this good news with your co-workers and make sure they are still prepared to strike, if necessary, for our own demands, against UC’s ULPs, or in solidarity with other bargaining units. *

On June 14th* wear your UPTE shirts, lanyards, and buttons to work to show UC that we are united and ready to ratify fair contracts – but also to continue fighting!

*At UC Berkeley, wear your UPTE shirts, lanyards, and buttons to work and to Summerfest on June 12th to show UC that we are united and ready to ratify fair contracts – but also to continue fighting!

UPTE will have a booth at Summerfest so make sure to stop by and get the latest updates and get your questions answered. 

Supervisors have historically been encouraged to give staff 3 hours off for Summerfest so make sure to check in with yours about this as soon as possible!

Contact your UPTE campus staff if you don’t have a shirt, lanyard, or button!