Recap of “Advancing Our Careers” Town Hall

Recap of “Advancing Our Careers” Town Hall

More than 300 members joined us last week for our Town Hall to discuss Advancing our Careers at UC. Clearly this is an issue that many of our members are interested in addressing – including those who were unable to join us. 

As we laid out in the Town Hall, our plan for addressing career advancement – and other workplace issues – includes a new Unit and Workplace representative structure covering each title and workplace across the state. We are working to make sure that each of you has a colleague from your workplace and larger unit of campus who can be your point-person for addressing these concerns. These representatives will have the support of UPTE leadership and staff to develop a plan for addressing these concerns and taking collective action with your co-workers.

Some of the initial efforts that we shared on the Town Hall were:

Carole Netter, Unit Representative for Rehab in UC Los Angeles shared how she and her colleagues organized a campaign, including delivering a petition signed by a majority of Occupational and Physical Therapists, successfully pushing her department to agree to fair criteria for advancing from Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech Therapist 2 to 3 positions.

Matias Campos, Unit Representative for Pharmacists at UC San Francisco, shared how he was able to work with his colleagues to take collective action to convince the Pharmacy department at UCSF to begin using a Senior Pharmacist position with clear and objective criteria for being reclassified into that position.

Cheyenne Dean and Amy Fletcher, Unit Representatives for Staff Research Associates at UCSF and Davis respectively, spoke about their work assisting SRAs and CRCs successfully winning reclassification into higher titles using UC’s own published “class concepts”, both individually or collectively. Successful reclassifications have won members more than 10% salary increases.

Matt Stephen, Unit Representative for Physician Assistants at UC San Francisco, spoke about ongoing efforts to achieve and maintain pay equity with Nurse Practitioners, who do the same work but remain higher-paid at most UCs. High participation among PAs during the contract campaign won parity at UCSF, and now PAs at other campuses are organizing to push for full equity with PAs at their locations.

Other recent victories include Dietitians winning 6-8% equity increases and Moore’s Cancer Center Clinical Social Workers winning increased staffing at UC San Diego. We look forward to hearing from more Unit Representatives at our next UC Town Hall later this month.

We look forward to sharing more examples of the kinds of strategies we can use to advance our careers as we continue to develop our Unit and Workplace Representative structure. And while preparation for our upcoming contract campaign is a top priority, we don’t have to wait until our next contract negotiations in 2024 – we can start making a difference on these issues today through collective action.

If you have a concern about career advancement contact your Unit or Workplace representative today. If you don’t know who your Unit or Workplace representative is, contact your UPTE LDC.

In Solidarity,
Dan Russell, President
Business Technology Support Analyst, UC Berkeley
Ursula Quinn, Vice President
Occupational Therapist, UC Los Angeles
Matias Campos, Executive Vice President
Pharmacist, UC San Francisco
Carole Netter, Treasurer
Physical Therapist, UC Los Angeles
Matt Stephen, Secretary
Physician Assistant, UC San Francisco