Stopping UC’s illegal outsourcing offensive, Town Hall Friday at 6PM

Yesterday, on April 30th, UPTE filed multiple unfair labor practices in response to our recent discovery that UC executives are moving forward with plans to massively scale-up contracting out of our work by more than $200 million each year.

UC is legally obligated to notify us and bargain these changes while we are out of contract but instead has simply moved forward, with the goal of increasing the number of workers who they don’t have to bargain with at all.

UC was widely criticized for a 2016 outsourcing initiative that forced 79 IT workers at UCSF to train their overseas replacements, who would be employed by a private company tied to the Chancellor of UC San Diego. A 2017 audit of UC’s contracting practices by California state Auditor Elaine Howe found a number of problems with UC’s contracting policies – including UC failing to offer competitive bids, failing to document the supposed cost savings, underpaying contract employees by as much as $8.50 per hour, and providing no benefits.

Over the past several months we learned of UC’s efforts to outsource all labor at a new rehabilitation facility at UC Davis, a plan to outsource $56 million per year of IT work across its 5 medical centers, and over the past few weeks of a separate plan to enable the outsourcing of $150 million per year of clinical, non-clinical, and IT work across the same medical centers.

We are considering all options – including striking – in response to UC’s ongoing attempt to undermine our future and that of our patients, students, and research.

Please join your UPTE Officers for a Town Hall discussion from 6-6:30PM tomorrow to hear more about UC’s outsourcing offensive and our plan to win!

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