UC Imposing Less than 1.5% Annual Increase on RX/TX – Our Fight isn’t Over!

On Monday, UC executives announced that they would be forcing their proposals on 10,000 Research and Technical workers immediately, with some terms taking effect June 1. UC is imposing its terms and conditions on UPTE for the first time ever, even though it has committed multiple unfair labor practices in the course of bargaining and even though the current impasse is not the product of good-faith negotiations on the part of UC.

While UC is imposing 3% on June 1, RX/TX workers have not received their scheduled raises in October 2017 or October 2018 because of UC’s refusal to agree to a fair contract. Without any retroactivity, this means that that the imposed 3% in 2019-2020 really amounts to closer to 1% per year since October 2017.*

*UC has excluded Business Technology Support Analysts (BTSAs) from this 3% increase, apparently as punishment for their recent decision to join the Technical Unit.

Moreover, UC is continuing to deny steps (which recognize and reward career development) even though they agreed to those terms with CNA-represented nurses, who received 5% (including steps) each year of their 5-year contract: a total of 25%.

They are also imposing increased healthcare and parking costs along with pension cuts that will divide and weaken our union for years to come. Adding insult to injury, they are also removing our ability to use our grievance procedure to address sexual violence and harassment claims – instead forcing such claims to first complete their Title IX process.

While UC’s imposed “3% increase” is totally insufficient and insulting, it does show that our actions have had an impact. UC imposed only 2% on AFSCME workers – by imposing 3% on RX/TX they are hoping to confuse us and make us think that it isn’t worth continuing to fight for what we know we deserve. Fortunately, we know from the fight for fair contracts in 2013-2014 that imposition doesn’t need to slow down our fight.

UC imposed on AFSCME in 2013 but AFSCME continued to fight: winning 24.5% over 4 years (including steps), freezing healthcare costs, and beating both UC’s pension cuts and emergency layoffs.

Make sure that your co-workers understand that imposition is not the end. Encourage them to sign a strike pledge today to let us know that we can count on them to fight until we win!