UC Negotiators Don’t Understand Behavioral Health

UC Negotiators Don’t Understand Behavioral Health

At our latest bargaining session on June 28th, we asked UC about claims their bargaining team made in the last session – specifically that Behavioral Health titles deserve lower pay than titles who do similar work because Behavioral Health titles don’t have the same education requirements. UC said they would have to get back to us with an answer.


More than 16 months after we became represented by UPTE and 8 months after we began negotiations, UC continues to demonstrate that they don’t understand the nature of the work we do, while at the same time insisting we deserve to be paid less than our colleagues such as Social Workers and Psychologists.

Every single Behavioral Health Counselor (BHC) 3 we have spoken to and every BHC 3 job description we’ve been provided clearly states that either a LCSW, LMFT, or LPC is required.

UC also claimed that BHC 2s and Behavioral Health Psychiatric Professional (BHPP) 3s are not required to be certified or licensed, which contradicts what we have seen in practice and in existing job descriptions. UC claimed that BHPP 4s are only required to have a Masters but 90% of BHC 4s we’ve spoken to have a Doctorate.

By all indications, UC is simply trying to use Behavioral Health job titles as an excuse to pay us less than our similarly-qualified colleagues.

Many campuses are not even sending representatives to bargaining on a regular basis. It’s time for UC to make us a priority and take us seriously.

Contact your UPTE bargaining team member or LDC today to work with us to make sure our colleagues and departments understand this situation and work with us to help resolve it. We need all of our colleagues to participate in actions to push UC to finally recognize our contributions.

Equal pay for equal work is crucial to being able to provide the care that our students and patients deserve.

Please join us at our next bargaining session on July 12 from 11am-2pm.

If you haven’t yet filled out a membership form, fill one out today. If you already have, ask your colleagues to become a member of UPTE today!

In Solidarity,
Alton Carswell, UC Riverside
Amber Fitzgerald, UC Davis
Marlene Velasquez, UC Davis
Amelia Cutten, UC Santa Cruz
Jackie Rabouin, UC Santa Cruz
Vernay Justice-Royster, UC San Diego
Cindy Watson, UC Irvine
Anthony Chambers, UC Los Angeles
Justin Miles, UC Los Angeles
Michelle Shea, UC Los Angeles
Angie Bryan, UC Santa Barbara
Jennifer Taylor, UC Santa Barbara
Whitney Bruice, UC Santa Barbara
Brandon Kopald, UC San Francisco
Julie Ray, UC Merced