Upcoming UPTE Raises

With UC President Janet Napolitano’s announcement that certain staff would not be receiving raises this year, some of you may be worried about whether this applies to you.

UPTE members fought for and won guaranteed pay raises under our contracts that go into effect in July and the University has acknowledged that they must comply. 

The President’s announcement announced a freeze on salaries for what they refer to as “policy-covered staff employees.” What does “policy-covered” mean?

That means employees who aren’t covered by a contract and not represented by a union, including some unrepresented staff as well as management.

There’s never been a moment when we have more clearly needed to come together and speak with one voice. Everyone will face challenges in this crisis, and that includes all of our friends and colleagues who build and run our University system, our Community Colleges, our Department of Energy Laboratories, and anywhere else that we work.

Many thousands of UPTE members have joined together to build a strong union that protects us in a time of crisis. Hundreds more who do not yet have the protections of a union contract have chosen to join UPTE in order to build towards a future contract. We are all stronger together: you can sign up at upte.org/join and reach out to us at upte.org/contacts today.