UPTE on Strike! Wednesday, April 10

All UPTE Healthcare (HX), Research (RX), and Technical (TX) members will be on strike for shifts beginning between midnight (12am) and 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 10.

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We are striking in response to UC’s unfair labor practices in negotiations with AFSCME 3299. We are standing in solidarity with AFSCME, because UPTE members know that UC’s unlawful actions are intended to make it more difficult for workers to get a fair contract, and UC has committed similar, if not the same, unfair labor practices against UPTE. Among the illegal practices UC has engaged in are workplace retaliation, threats of police citation for engaging in free speech, and effectively condoning the assault of striking workers on the picket line by a manager.

In UPTE’s case, it is clear UC executives have not negotiated in good faith. They have been undermining our negotiations for a fair contract since bargaining began nearly two years ago. In negotiations with UPTE they have violated the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) in numerous ways, including:

  • Failing to submit their contract proposals by the agreed deadline
  • Agreeing to pension cuts with the governor and tying their hands in bargaining, even before we started negotiating
  • Threats of retaliation for participating in strikes
  • Refusing to bargain with newly organized workers in direct violation of the Public Employee Relations Board
  • Demanding Doctors’ notes when not previously required, following strikes

UPTE members should know that all options are on the table in response to UC’s Unfair Labor Practices, up to and including strikes, as necessary.

Click here to sign up for a picket shift and read more!