UPTE Weekly Update – Week of 8/9

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Skilled Trades Workers Return to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory After Bargaining Session


UC student researchers unionize


California Community Colleges Offer Cash, Other Incentives to Students Who Get Vaccinated


California College Students Contest Vaccination Mandates to Return to Campus


Hundreds of new California retirees aren’t getting their pension checks from UC system


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UPTE Response to UC’s announcement on Anthem Dignity Contract Cancellation

UPTE and its fellow UC unions issued the below response to the University of California Office of the President’s belated notice of the Anthem Dignity contract termination: 

The Anthem-Dignity bungle our Unions were notified of only after the fact–and which threatened the continuity of, access to, and affordability of care for thousands of our members–is only the latest, regretful development related to the University’s concerning negotiations with health care plans and providers. Not only are these negotiations exceedingly opaque to those most affected by their outcome, but represented front-line UC workers have no seat at the table.

Further, while the UCOP has consistently excluded Unions from essential health care benefit decision-making, the current UCOP leadership has not even demonstrated an effort to provide the Union Coalition with detailed information on its deliberations, including any survey research conducted, regarding the upcoming plan year. 

The UC Union Coalition would like to know when in the next month UCOP will be providing the Coalition with detailed updates on all plan changes and potential premium increases the University is considering for all 2022 health care benefits and plans, in addition to an update on ongoing Anthem-Dignity negotiations. 



Emergency Assistance Available for Rent, Utilities, and More

If you’re having trouble making rent payments, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for renters and landlords to cover housing costs.

Help is available through the federal government’s Emergency Rental Assistance program. The funds are being distributed by state and local organizations to their local communities. This money can help with rent, utility bills, and even moving costs.

Learn more about the program and use the rental assistance finder to search for a program in your community: www.consumerfinance.gov/coronavirus/mortgage-and-housing-assistance/renter-protections/find-help-with-rent-and-utilities.

Enter the Unions Power America Labor Day Contest for a Chance to Win $15,000 and More

This Labor Day, to show appreciation to hard working union members who continue to power America, Union Plus is giving away $130,000 in prizes, including a Grand Prize of $15,000.

This year’s contest is meant to honor and celebrate the efforts union members put into their work and their community. To enter, simply submit a photo of you working hard at your union job or in your community along with a detailed caption describing how you’re powering America.

Entries will be judged based on content and creativity, so have fun and wow the judges with your story! Winners will be announced in early September.

The contest ends August 22, 2021, so get your entry in now.



Call for UPTE Photos

We here at UPTE are looking for photos of our members to use in marketing materials. We want shots of members working. We want images of our members participating in UPTE activities. Do you have any of these photos? If you do, please send them to sfelsing@upte-cwa.org

We especially want photos from our community college members and our lab workers. 

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