We Did it! Our Contracts are Secured!

We did it! 

We prevented the University of California from reopening contract negotiations. 

We protected the historic victories UPTE has achieved over the last few years and kept the wages and retirement we worked hard for from being put in jeopardy.

We can now be assured that UC will not try to stop our research, technical, and healthcare workers from getting the raise they rightfully deserve in July. 

I want to thank everyone who showed up to our solidarity breaks, posted pictures of themselves online to support our efforts, and signed our petition. 

We couldn’t have achieved this great victory without you. 

There are still fights left. 

We demand that the university use its considerable funds to protect workers, patients, and students when reopening. We demand that the university value workers’ perspectives and input by including them on campus reopening committees. 

Sign our petition to the UC administration.

Thank you again for your hard work over the last few months. We can all take pride in this win. 

In Unity, 

Jamie McDole
Joaquin Chavez
Vice President, Organizing Director