We Have to Stand Up to UC’s Unfair and Unlawful Behavior

Our strike last week drew national attention and support from the New York Times, Washington Post, and US News and World Report. Thousands of striking UPTE-CWA and AFSCME 3299 members were joined by Senator Bernie Sanders, local elected officials, community leaders, students, and faculty.

UC executives can feel the pressure building on them, but they are still delaying the process, rather than taking steps to settle contracts on reasonable terms as they have done for CNA-represented nurses. We have to be prepared to stand up to their unlawful behavior that is making it harder for us to get a fair deal.

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UC executives have been negotiating in bad faith and undermining our negotiations for a fair contract since bargaining began nearly two years ago. They have violated the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) in numerous ways, including: 

  • Failing to submit their contract proposals by the agreed deadline
  • Agreeing to pension cuts with the governor and tying their hands in bargaining, even before we started negotiating
  • Cutting hours for workers who participated in strikes under the guise of ‘industry standards
  • Refusing to bargain with newly organized workers in direct violation of the Public Employee Relations Board
  • Demanding Doctors’ notes when not previously required, following strikes

UPTE members should know that all options are on the table in response to UC’s Unfair Labor Practices, up to and including strikes, as necessary.

UC executives have also committed a number of similar Unfair Labor Practices related to negotiations with our co-workers represented by AFSCME 3299.  They also have a right to respond by striking, so we need to be ready to strike in solidarity with them if necessary.

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