We Need Action

We Need Action!

UC is once again stalling!

At every step of our system administrator’s unionization process, UC has fought us.

When the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) first agreed to let us unionize and seek better pay, better hours, and better working conditions, UC appealed. 

When we won that challenge, UC took us to the California Court of Appeal.

After five years of arguments and a court ruling in our favor, UC finally agreed to negotiate, though now it is slowing things down again. 

Last week, more than 100 system administrators showed up to our first bargaining meeting with the UC Office of the President (UCOP). UCOP representatives were caught off guard by our strong participation and made erroneous claims that bargaining should be closed and that there need to be ground rules for future negotiations. 

UPTE has always taken part in open talks with employers and has never agreed to ground rules. 

We wanted to negotiate UCOP’s terms, but its representatives walked out on us. 

When our talks with UCOP resume, tentatively set for July 26th, we will continue to fight for transparency. 

We will ask for all the accumulated wage increases that UC has withheld from us since 2017. 

We will argue for reasonable hours, shift differential pay, and guaranteed telecommuting options. 

And, we will make the case that our members on undesirable retirement plans should be able to join the 2013 modified tier of the UC Retirement Plan. (System administrators in the 1976 tier plan shall remain in that plan)

You can help us! Sign our petition for a fair contract and fill out your union card if you haven’t already done so. 

Thank you for your continued support.


In Solidarity, 

Erich Wise, RX/TX Coordinator, Chief bargainer

Alex Warren, SysAd 3, UC Berkeley (local 1)

Ernie Ibarra, SysAd 3 GF, UC Los Angeles (local 2)

Ken Garges, SysAd 3, UC Santa Cruz (local 3)

Marc Miller, SysAd 2, UC Santa Barbara (local 4)

Luis Baquera, SysAd 3, UC Riverside (local 5)

Mike McCue, SysAd 3, UC Davis (local 6)

Josh Quinn, SysAd 2, UC San Francisco (local 7)

Tom Godfrey, SysAd 2, UC Irvine (local 8)

Danny Kovacs, SysAd 3, UC San Diego (local 9)