We will win a fair contract – because we keep fighting!

UPTE Healthcare Professionals (HX) are awaiting a fact-finding report and any additional bargaining dates, which are likely to happen in the next few days and weeks respectively. Any additional bargaining dates would be an opportunity for UC to bring an improved offer to the table.

While we have been out of contract for nearly 2 years now, remember that in our previous fight HX was out of contract for even longer because of UC’s insistence on cutting 5 years of retirement for new hires. We stood together and won raises, step increases, and ensured that all UPTE represented staff kept the same retirement benefits.

How can we be confident that we will win fair raises, steps, and protect our retirement again?

  • UC has already agreed to a contract with CNA-represented nurses that included fair raises, step increases, maintained retirement benefits, and more.
  • Moreover, UC’s ‘Retirement Choice’ plan actually costs more than the status quo – meaning there is no reason we should have to trade fair raises for retirement, nor that UC should continue to insist on us accepting their proposals.

UC knows the only way to keep us from winning is to confuse and divide us. They unilaterally imposed 3% raises and their pension changes on Research (RX) and Technical (TX) professionals because they hope that will keep those members from fighting – and we should anticipate that they will do the same for HX.

We know that UC can bring HX workers a similar proposal to the one they made to CNA. If they don’t, we will be forced to consider calling a strike in order to bring them back to the table with a better deal.

If UC can make a fair deal with CNA-represented nurses, they have no excuse not to make a similar deal with RX and TX workers, who are paid significantly less on average.

All UPTE members must also be prepared to continue standing up to UC’s unfair labor practices that have made it more difficult to reach a fair deal as well as strike in solidarity with other unions, as necessary.

Sign a strike pledge today to let us know that you’re ready to keep fighting until we win!