Your July 2022 Raise

Your July 2022 Raise

Your pay will be increased 3% on the first full pay period on or after July 1, 2022. You will see this on August 1st monthly paychecks and August 3rd bi-weekly paychecks.

This increase is the latest raise from our 2019-2024 contract, where we won a total of 29% after a long fight that involved massive statewide mobilizations, including thousands of us walking out on strike. See the details below!

These raises are a minimum: we are actively campaigning for market and internal equity, reclassification, and shift differentials in addition to our contractual raises.

Campaigns for fair pay and improved working conditions are how we build our power to win even more when we return to the bargaining table in 2024. 

Is there an issue in your worksite that we should be campaigning around? Click here to contact your UPTE LDC today.

In Solidarity,

Dan Russell, President

Business Technology Support Analyst, UC Berkeley

Ursula Quinn, Vice President

Occupational Therapist, UC Los Angeles

Matias Campos, Executive Vice President

Pharmacist, UC San Francisco

Carole Netter, Treasurer

Physical Therapist, UC Los Angeles

Matt Stephen, Secretary

Physician Assistant, UC San Francisco


RX and TX Compensation – 29% increase through 2024, including steps

  • 3% in June 2019
  • 3% in August 2019
  • 3% in January 2020
  • 3% in July 2020
  • 3.5% across the board in July 2021
  • 2% Step increase in January 2022***
  • 3% in July 2022
  • 3.5% across the board in July 2023
  • 2% Step increase in January 2024***
  • 3% in July 2024

*** Steps are ~2% or more and are contingent on being in career position, not on probation, not topped out and satisfactory or better on most recent performance evaluation