Your UPTE Raise is Coming

On the first full pay period in July, our new cost of living raise of 3% will go into effect. At a time when President Napolitano has canceled the annual raises for staff without a union contract, our historic 2019 contract victory continues to guarantee rights and protections for our jobs during a moment of pandemic. If you haven’t received the increase in your pay by August 15th, please contact payroll at your campus.

Multiple unions have worked to show that the University has the reserves to weather this current climate. If you haven’t already, please watch this presentation by members of our UC Union Coalition showing that the University has tens of billions in available assets to preserve our world-class education, research, and healthcare even in this COVID-19 crisis.

Our raises help to strengthen UPTE. Dues remain set at 1.3% of pay with a cap at $105 (RX/TX) and $100 (HX). This additional income will increase ways for members to be active by:

  • facilitating staff to better work with our members
  • workshopping to hold UC accountable to your new contract
  • organizing members to push for improvements in our departments 
  • organizing for possible contract reopener

In April of 2021, University executives will have the option to trigger new wage and pension negotiations on our contract. This year, they had the same option to renegotiate with the California Nurses Association and they declined to do so but that doesn’t mean they won’t open our contract. It is crucial that UPTE members stay vigilant. Active and informed union members are our best protection against cuts that will harm the University. 

*For specifics on these raises, click your contract link: Healthcare (HX), Research (RX), Technical (TX) including BTSA