Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Skilled Trades Contract

Article 1 Agreement
Article 2 Managment Rights
Article 3 Work Rules
Article 4 Performance of Bargaining Unit Work by Supervisors
Article 5 Continuity of Operations
Article 6 Unit Fee Deductions
Article 7 Access
Article 8 Steward Access
Article 9 Positions
Article 10 Probationary Period
Article 11 Nondiscriminatory and Affirmative Action
Article 12 Reasonable Accommodation
Article 13 Health and Safety
Article 14 Employee Leave
Article 15 Performance Evaluation
Article 16 Employee Development
Article 17 Personnel Files
Article 18 Incidental Use
Article 19 Corrective Action/Discipline and Dismissal
Article 20 Hours of Work
Article 21 Wages
Article 22 Ancillary Pay
Article 23 Overtime
Article 24 Insurance Benefits
Article 25 Retirement Benefits
Article 26 Layoff
Article 27 Severance
Article 28 Subcontracting
Article 29 Grievance Procedure
Article 30 Arbitration
Article 31 Waiver
Article 32 Severability
Article 33 Successorship
Duration of Agreement
Memorandum of the Negotiations
Execution of Agreement
Appendix A Grievance Form
Sideletter Drug and/or Alcohol Testing
Sideletter Performance Appraisals
Sideletter Preventive Maintenance
Sideletter Flex-Term Employees
Sideletter Withdrawal of Unfair Labor Practice Charges
Sideletter Non-binding Mediation Agreement
Sideletter Supplemental Labor
Sideletter On-Call Exception Process
Sideletter Subcontractor/LOTO Procedures
Full Contract