Support AB 1690 (Gov. Brown)

Dear Governor Brown,

I am writing in support of SB 1379 (Mendoza), as amended. It is the replacement to AB 1690 (Medina) the non-tenured faculty job rights bill.

Summary of this bill:

SB 1379, which is designed to help non-tenured faculty in the Community College system, is a process oriented bill, as opposed to AB 1690 that was an outcomes oriented bill.

SB 1379 is a pivot away from equitable outcomes that would have resulted if AB 1690 was signed into law, but it retains key provisions such as:

  1.  A requirement that community college districts bargain “minimum standards for the terms of reemployment preference for part-time, temporary faculty assignments” that take into account:

(a) The length of time part-time, temporary faculty have served at the community college or district.

(b) The number of courses part-time, temporary faculty have taught at the community college or district

(c) The evaluations of temporary faculty conducted pursuant to Education Code Section 87663 and other related methods of evaluation that can reliably be used to assess educational impact of temporary faculty as it relates to student success.

(d) The availability, willingness, and expertise of part-time, temporary faculty to teach specific classes or take on specific assignments that are necessary for student instruction or services.

2. An enforcement mechanism, namely in the form of withholding funds allocated for the Student Success and Support Program in the annual Budget Act in the case of a breach of the law.

While I am disappointed that AB 1690 may not be signed this year, SB 1379 could greatly improve the status and treatment of part-time, temporary faculty in the Community Colleges.

This is why I URGE YOU TO SIGN SB 1379 INTO LAW!


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