UPTE-UCSD CWA Local 9119

At UPTE, our goal is to build strength through employee involvement and membership in order to negotiate effectively, improve the quality of our work lives, and improve UC as a research and educational institution.

We are:

President – Sarah Martin

Vice President (Campus) – Brooke Donner

Vice President (Hillcrest) – Nathaniel Carrera

Vice President (La Jolla) – Thomie Pryor

Recording Secretary – Susan Orlofsky

Treasurer – Rich Kacmar

HX Representative – Catherine Burgess

RX Representative –  Catherine Alexander

TX Representative – Daniel Kovacs


Below are some basic materials about who we are, what we do, and how you can become involved.

Join UPTE today and fill out your membership form online!

Are you experiencing workplace issues or have concerns about your workplace? Complete a member intake form and we will contact you within 72 business hours.

Unions 101 (PDF) – A quick study of how unions help workers win a voice a work

What is UPTE? (PDF) – Who we are and where we are going

Know Your Rights (PDF) – Basic rules for union activity in the workplace

The Members Are The Union (PDF) – Volunteer today!

What Do My Dues Pay For (PDF) – An overview of what your membership helps pay for