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UPTE-CWA members Emily Montan, Mike Dupray, and Bill Rowley deliver the letter and your comments to the Office of the President on behalf of UC professional and technical employees.

UPTE-CWA members response was amazing, both in numbers and comments. We made it clear why this issue is so important to us, that we have a reasonable proposal and that we are willing to engage with President Napolitano on a solution to keep us on one tier.

But, we cannot stop there. We must reinforce our resolve to fight for reasonable wages and a secure retirement—without a divisive two-tier plan.  We need to back up our support for negotiations with a commitment to strike if that doesn't work.

Sign a strike pledge card today and ask your co-workers to do the same.

Dear UC President Napolitano,

We welcome you to your new position at the helm of the world's premiere academic institution. Your decisions will set a course for continued excellence at the University, or a descent into mediocrity.

To be the best, you need the best. We are proud to serve the University and believe that the UC’s retirement plan has been a major factor in recruiting and retaining the best and brightest. It must continue into the future. We are so convinced of this that we, through our union, have proposed to cover the entire cost of keeping all our colleagues on a single retirement tier, instead of pushing back the pension by 5 years and retiree health benefits by 15 years. We believe this is an important investment in the University’s future and our own.

Our union’s offer meets both the University's goal of securing our retirement plans, and our demand to keep everyone on a single plan with a reasonable raise. This is truly a “win-win” proposal that benefits the entire University.

We have come through challenging times and now look forward to improved state funding and continued high profitability of our medical centers. This is a time for all of us to work together for an even better University, not a time for management to undercut benefits and create labor strife.

We have high hopes that you will set a fresh course for UC’s professional staff, and that we can enjoy an even more impressive and productive university during your tenure.


UC professional and technical staff

UPTE-CWA 9119  |  P.O. Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94704 | 510.704.8783  |
Comments from our members:

I am a new employee filling a very specialized position. I was hired from Canada for this position because there were no American applicants with my combination of domain knowledge, technical skills, and relevant experience. This is a testament that UC is truly a great university to have such specialized technical and professional positions that they require the consideration of international candidates. Moving 2500 miles away to a new country for what is hopefully a long-term job is a big life change and commitment, and to be told upon arrival that I will be given second-tier pension and health benefits is not very encouraging. We look forward to working with you.
-Museum Scientist, UCB

I attended our town hall meeting last week and heard how front line personnel are being cut and executive level positions are being added. People who make $500 k plus with annual raises and bonuses are doing great. The people who take care of our patients can't even get scraps. I was so angered by our CEO's presentation that I came back and signed a strike card. The first time in my life.

Please let us keep serving UCLA at the same level of professionalism by keeping the same level of wage increases and single retirement tier we truly deserve. -SRA II, UCLA

I would like to welcome you to the University of California! I hope that you will work with our union, UPTE, to maintain our current retirement system. I want UC to not implement a two tier retirement system. Our pay has consistently been below market and our pay raises do not keep up with inflation. The best part of UC is our retirement benefits.

In the 8 years i've been here i've watched the UC system give outrageous raises to redundant layers of management while neglecting the people the make these hospitals work, treating us like replaceable parts and not giving us cost of living raises while robbing our pensions. I hope you will do something to correct this.

Please keep in mind those of us who are paid at the lowest levels. Help us to make a living wage for all the amazing work we do. Thank you. -Animal Tech, UCD