Monday Memo

Monday Memo: Week of February 05, 2018

UCSF union members demonstrateFighting for respect was the theme of UC union rallies last Thursday, February 1, as members of UPTE (professionals and techs), AFSCME (service and patient care techs), and CNA (nurses) joined informational picket lines at every campus, including UCLA, UCSD, UCR, UCSB, and UCB, where one worker was violently arrested by police. AFSCME has started a petition to support him. Photos and video clips from all campuses are at UPTE’s Facebook page.

Participants demanded UC respect bargaining demands and the right to organize, and also commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Memphis sanitation strike which began in February 1968, after two were killed due to unsafe working conditions. The strike was backed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated 2 months later in Memphis while supporting the workers.

Legislators are questioning a retired judge who authored an audit of UCOP about why he hadn’t found UC president Janet Napolitano responsible for acting improperly. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that lawmakers said it was “clear to them he had evidence that Napolitano did intentionally and improperly interfere” with the audit.

A software company has illegally laid off 10 software engineers organizing for a union on Friday, according to a complaint filed by the union at the National Labor Relations Board, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The engineers had just filed a petition seeking union representation from the Communications Workers of America, UPTE’s national union. The Tech Workers Coalition issued a statement of support.

Activists have begun collecting signatures for the College for All ballot measure to restore free higher education at all UCs, CSUs, and community colleges by way of an estate tax on the wealthiest .2% (yes, that’s point-0-2) of the state’s residents. California, Tennessee, New York and Massachusetts all have pursued legislation to make some public higher ed tuition free.

Hold the date: on Saturday, February 24 the labor movement will turn out for demonstrations nationwide, right before the Supreme Court is due to hear arguments in the anti-union Janus case. San Diego is the first location; others will be announced here soon.