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strike pledge I WILL STRIKE!

UC is holding wage increases hostage to try to get us to give up on our retirement benefits. Despite 4 years of budget increases at UC, $500 million in profits at the med centers, and executives making more than ever, UC negotiators want to turn back the clock decades, with historic cuts to our retirement. This is a priority crisis, not a budget crisis.

UPTE-CWA has proposed a comprehensive settlement that includes fair pay increases and retirement security for researchers (RX unit), techs (TX unit) and health care professionals (HX unit). UC has proposed no pay increases for RX/TX, and insufficient employer retirement contributions, which do not even start to pay down the accrued debt or secure retiree health benefits.

Determined workplace action will be needed to get UC to bargain in good faith and to achieve a fair settlement. The majority of UPTE’s members must be committed to a serious strike to win a fair contract. AFSCME’s strike at the medical centers, which UPTE supported, gave UC notice of what we can do. The next strike will include the campuses.

SIGN THE PLEDGE so your co-workers know they can count on you at the picket line!

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